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Entrepreneurship and technology development: examples and tools


October 31st, 2017


Prof. Bastien Chopard, University of Geneva
Prof. Pierre Leone, MER, University of Geneva
Dr. Thibault Estier, University of Lausanne


Matthias Kuhn (EPFL Engineer, MBA Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Caecilia Charbonnier (Artanim Foundation,

Ulrich Fischer (Memoways startup,,

Patrick Ruch (Professor HES, Head of Documentary Information)


The day is designed to raise awareness and inform students about activities related to entrepreneurship and the valorization of technologies. For this purpose, the seminar aims to present the resources that the University or other institutions make available to future entrepreneurs (scholarships, project financing, support, etc.).
Three speakers will present their personal experience on various topics such as:

. CTIprojects
. Collaborations Academy / Industry
. Individual property issues.
. INNOGAP Funds.
. Startup development
. Entrepreneurship Week – Geneva



Matthias Kuhn: (EPFL Engineer, MBA Erasmus University Rotterdam) Project line for academia / industry collaboration, support, intellectual property. Unitec as a partner in the development of technology and entrepreneurship (

Caecilia Charbonnier: After a sports career, a MAS in Computer Graphics at the EPFL and a thesis at the University of Geneva, she founded in 2011 the Artanim Foundation (, a research center specialized in technologies motion capture, and recently the startup Dreamscape Immersive, a company specializing in virtual reality entertainment. His R & D activities are multiple: orthopedics, sports medicine, 3D animation, virtual and augmented reality, etc.

Ulrich Fischer: Participated in numerous video and cinema projects since the 1990s (production, technique). Since the mid-2000s, he has been developing interactive video projects via the web and mobile, such as the project He is the founder of the Memoways startup (, an online video editing tool and supervises digital cultural enhancement projects (
Patrick Ruch: Professor HES, Head of Documentary Information, is also responsible for the TextMining laboratory at the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (, where he maintains an infrastructure for the digitization of textual data (literature, patents and web data) used by several public and private players (Novartis, ArmaSuisse, ...).


10:30 welcome - tea / coffee / croissant / etc.
11: 00-12: 30 Matthias Kuhn: presentation of institutional support
12h30-13h30 lunch – discussions
13h30-16h30 Miss Charbonnier, MM Fischer, Ruch, personal experience
16h30-18h00 round table

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Université de Genève, Batelle Bat. A7 route de Drize, 1225 Genève



Deadline for registration 30.10.2017
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