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List of registered

Entrepreneurship and technology development: examples and tools

# Lastname Firstname E-Mail University Doctoral Program Status
1 Arongaus Adriana Beatriz adriana.arongaus(at)unige(dot)ch UNIGE -- [hors] -- post-doc
2 Berrocal Allan allan.berrocal(at)etu.unige(dot)ch UNIGE info doc
3 Chopard Bastien bastien.chopard(at)unige(dot)ch UNIGE info prof
4 DE MASI Alexandre alexandre.demasi(at)unige(dot)ch UNIGE info doc
5 Füller Thanise thanise.fuller(at)unige(dot)ch UNIGE -- [hors] -- post-doc
6 Kandekar Somnath G. somnath.kandekar(at)unige(dot)ch UNIGE pharma doc
7 Kundig Stéphane stephane.kundig(at)unige(dot)ch UNIGE info doc
8 Milojkovic Nevena nevena(at)inf.unibe(dot)ch UNIBE info post-doc
9 Skvortsova Mariya mariya.skvortsova(at)unige(dot)ch UNIGE plants doc
10 Tessaro Francesca francesca.tessaro(at)unige(dot)ch UNIGE pharma doc