PhD students

240 records
Lastname Firstname Social University E-Mail Theme of thesis Director of thesis Defence year
Alberti Michele UNIFR E-Mail Multiple Specialized Deep Learning Experts for Various Computer Vision Tasks Including Historical Documents Rolf Ingold
Marcus Liwicki
Aljalbout Sahar UNIGE E-Mail Domain : Knowledge engineering and Semantic Web Gilles Falquet, Didier Buchs 2019
ALPOS Orestis UNIBE E-Mail Consensus and security in Blockchain technologies Prof. Dr. Christian Cachin
Alrafeea Fayez UNIGE E-Mail Discovering Uncertainty towards Public Issues through Social Media
AMORES SESAR Ignacio UNIBE E-Mail Blockchain and Consensus Christian Cachin
Anastasiades Carlos UNIBE - Information-Centric Communication in Mobile and Wireless Networks Prof. Torsten Braun
Angelini Leonardo UNIFR - Tangible EMbodied Personal Objects for Tangible Gesture Recognition Denis Lalanne
Elena Mugellini, Omar Abou Khaled
Arjomand Bigdeli Siavash UNIBE - Image restoration
Arous Ines UNIFR E-Mail Time Series and Entity extraction Prof. Philippe Cudré-Mauroux
Aslanyan Hakob UNIGE - Optimization algorithms on Wireless Sensor Networks Jose Rolim
Atanasiu Vlad UNIFR E-Mail Document analysis Rolf Ingold
BADULESCU Yvonne UNIL E-Mail Inventory management for short life cycle products that includes judgmental information and big data from social media Ari-Pekka Hameri 2021
Ballester Carlos UNIGE -
Bärtschi Michael UNIBE - Subsystems of Second Order Arithmetic and Set Theory
Baset Selena UNINE E-Mail On The New Prospects for Knowledge Representation in The Time of Dynamic Compilation Prof. Kilian Stoffel
Bediang Georges UNIGE - Knowledge management in a health information system Pr Gilles Falquet
Pr Antoine Geissbuhler
Ben Mahfoudh Houssem UNIGE E-Mail Self-adaptive On-the-fly Spatial Services for Open Smart Environments Giovanna Di Marzo
Nabil abdennadher
Bernard Gaël UNIL E-Mail Prof. Periklis Andritsos
Berrocal Allan UNIGE E-Mail COMpaSS: Context-aware cOmputational Model of streSS coping. Prof. Katarzyna Wac
Prof. Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo Dr. Marcello Mortillaro
Bertholet Peter UNIBE E-Mail 3D Model Design Prof. Dr. Matthias Zwicker
Bhardwaj Akansha UNIFR E-Mail Tighten it All: Big data integration for loosely structured data Prof. Dr. Philippe CUDRE-MAUROUX
BIELSKI Adam UNIBE E-Mail Computer Vision / Unsupervised Learning Paolo Favaro
Boillat Thomas UNIL - How to conceptualize mobile applications to improve organizational learning and innovation. Christine Legner End of 2015
BONNER Manus UNIL E-Mail Personalized Health Prof. Dr. Christine Legner 2022
Bostanipour Behnaz UNIL - Thesis Proposal: Fundamental Communication Abstractions for Building Proximity-Based Mobile Applications Benoit Garbinato
Boulmier Anthony UNIGE E-Mail Adaptive Load Balancing for High Performance Computing Applications Prof. Bastien Chopard
Prof. Nabil Abdennadher
Burihabwa Dorian UNINE E-Mail Resilient storage solutions Pr. Pascal Felber
Buwaya Julia UNIGE E-Mail Algorithmic Aspects of Wireless Sensor Networks Prof. José Rolim
Caon Maurizio UNIFR E-Mail
CAPALLERA Marine UNIFR E-Mail Human-Vehicle Interaction for Autonomous Driving Professor Rolf Ingold
Professor Jean-Pierre Bresciani
Caracciolo Andrea UNIBE E-Mail architectural verification Oscar Nierstrasz
Carrera Jose Luis UNIBE - Indoor localization
Carrino Francesco UNIFR E-Mail MAGI - Mind Augmented Gesture Interaction Rolf Ingold
Omar Abou Khaled, Elena Mugellini
Casas Jacky UNIFR E-Mail Large-scale data mining and machine learning Philippe Cudré-Mauroux
Elena Mugellini, Omar Abou Khaled
CASELLI Ashley UNIGE E-Mail Knowledge engineering
Chantzis Konstantinos UNIGE - Real time locating system for wireless sensor networks Jose Rolim
Chapuis Bertil UNIL E-Mail Synchronization and Storage Benoît Garbinato
Chen Jianping UNINE - Fault Tolerance
CHIARELLI Germán UNIFR E-Mail Nanosecond time-resolved fluorescence nanoscopy: 3D sub-10 nm imaging and super-resolved fluorescence lifetime imaging Guillermo Acuna 2023
Chis Andrei Vasile UNIBE E-Mail Prof. Dr. Oscar Nierstrasz
COET Aurélien UNIGE E-Mail Programming languages and formal verification Prof. Didier Buchs
Colombo Moreno UNIFR E-Mail Applying phenotropics to human-computer interaction Prof. Edy Portmann
COPARA ZEA Jenny linet UNIGE E-Mail Natural Language Processing to support biomedical tasks Prof. Gilles Falquet
Prof. Douglas Teodoro
Correia Andreia UNINE - Concurrency and Non-Volatile memory
D'Onofrio Sara UNIBE - Cognitive Computing - Computing with Words, Perceptions and Emotions Prof. Dr. Thomas Myrach
Prof. Dr. Edy Portmann
DABROWSKI Oscar UNIGE E-Mail Reconstruction/artifact correction of MRI images Prof. Bastien Chopard
Prof. François Lazeyras
Daher Karl UNIFR E-Mail Affective computing for empathic behaviour change Denis Lalanne
Elena Mugellini, Omar Abou Khaled
De Angelis Francesco UNIGE - Formal specification of services Prof. Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo
DE MASI Alexandre UNIGE E-Mail Mobile Internet and Quality of Experience. Dr. Wac Katarzyna
DE SALIS Emmanuel UNIFR E-Mail Computer Science Professeur Jean-Pierre Bresciani
Professeur Marino Widmer
De Santo Alessio UNINE E-Mail Public Health Intelligence
Dhillon Daljit Singh UNIBE -
Diephuis Maurits UNIGE E-Mail
Dolata Mateusz UNIZH E-Mail Supporting communication and creativity in co-located teams (provisional) Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schwabe
DOTTI Prisca UNIFR E-Mail Automata on infinite words Prof. Dr. Ulrich Ultes-Nitsche
DREYER Jonathan UNINE E-Mail Predictive maintenance Prof. Paul Cotofrei
Drobnjak Aleksandar UNIFR - Fuzzy Recommendation Systems
DULONG Rémi UNINE E-Mail Computer Science, Complex Systems, Non volatile memory
Durand Arnaud UNIFR E-Mail Software engineering & Internet of Things Jacques Pasquier
Egloff Mattia UNIL E-Mail Informatical science and Mathematical Methods for human sciences François Bavaud
Ehinger Guillaume UNIGE - IT & Sociology Mathilde Bourrier
Jean-Henry Morin
El Kamali Mira UNIFR E-Mail design of a virtual coach for wellbeing for older adults.
EL ZEIN Yamane UNIL E-Mail mHealth data privacy Prof. Kévin Huguenin
Dr. Ricard Delgado (CSEM)
Elikan Dina UNIL E-Mail Social Business Models Pr. Yves Pigneur
EMAMI Negar UNIBE E-Mail Mobility prediction, machine learning
Eslahi Yasamin UNINE E-Mail master student of computer science
Fadler Martin UNIL E-Mail Not yet defined, but in the fields of: - Machine learning/AI - Big Data architectures Prof. Christine Legner
Fakheri Ali UNIGE - Professor Jose Rolim
Dr. Pierre Leone
Fanourakis Marios UNIGE E-Mail An Opportunistic Decentralized Framework for Privacy Conscious Data Collection and Aggregation for Mobile Ubiquitous Devices Dimitri Konstantas
Katarzyna Wac
Farahmand Meghdad UNIGE - Prof. Gilles Falquet
Prof. Bastien Chopard.
Farhadzadeh Farzad UNIGE -
Fournier Kevin UNIL - Wadge Hierarchy of Delta^1_2 sets. Prof. Jacques Duparc
Prof. Boban Velickovic (Paris VII)
Gadient Pascal UNIBE E-Mail Software Security Prof. Dr. Oscar Nierstrasz
García Alba UNIGE -
Garg Nikhil UNIGE E-Mail James Henderson
GASPARYAN Mikael UNIBE E-Mail Service-Centric Networking
GENCER BUSRA UNIL E-Mail Electricity Market Regulations Ann van Ackere
Ghadfi Sami UNIGE E-Mail Knowledge extraction Gilles Falquet 2022
Ghoula Nizar UNIGE - Gestion de connaissances pour le traitement sémantique des documents Gilles Falquet
Gisler Christophe UNIFR E-Mail Machine Learning Technics Applied to Heterogenous Time Series Prof Dr Jean Hennebert
Prof Dr Rolf Ingold, Omar Abou Khaled, Elena Mugellini
GKIKOPOULOS Panagiotis UNINE E-Mail Data Distribution and Exploitation in a Global Microservice Artefact Observatory Valerio Schiavoni
Peter Kropf
Gomes André UNIBE E-Mail Information-Centric Networking in Cloud Computing Prof. Dr. Torsten Braun
Prof. Dr. Edmundo Monteiro
Gomez Juan Diego UNIGE - SeeColOr Thierry Pun
Guido Bologna
Göttel Christian UNINE E-Mail Big data, security, energy efficiency
Gregorova Magda UNIGE E-Mail Machine learning Alexandros Kalousis
Gremaud Pascal UNIFR E-Mail Personal comfort awareness, prediction and improvement based on environmental, physiological and subjective data, using adaptive multimodal interaction. Dr. Jacques Pasquier
Habibi Pour Roudsari Farzad USI - Design for the Clouds, a methodology for designing cloud computing applications
Harbich Matthieu UNIL - Open data to business - Building a data app store
Härer Felix UNIFR E-Mail Verteilte Entwicklung und Ausführung von Prozessen in dezentral organisierten betrieblichen Systemen
Hausmann Jody UNIGE - Increase of physical activity of sedentary populations via mobile phone technologies based interventions Dimitri Konstantas
Katarzyna Wac
HAZHIRPASAND Mohammadreza UNIBE - Software Security
HEISTERMANN Martin UNIBE E-Mail Hex-dominant Volumetric Meshing (Geometry Processing) Prof. Dr. David Bommes
Herzog Nitsa UNIGE E-Mail Computer Vision and Machine Learning Prof. Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo
Hillah Nico UNIL - Evolution of Information systems Thibault Estier
HU Qiyang UNIBE E-Mail Computer vision Paolo Favaro
Huguenin-Elie Laurent UNIGE - Domain : Big Data and Princing Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo
Hussein Rana UNIFR E-Mail Heterogeneous Information Network Embedding
HWANG Chiwoong UNIFR E-Mail Assistive technology for visually impaired people
IHO Satu UNIL E-Mail Collaboration challenges in cross-boundary teaming Stéphanie Missonier
IKAE Catherine UNINE E-Mail NLP
Ilea Ioana UNIGE -
JABBARI Simin UNINE E-Mail Ontology-based Knowledge Extraction from NOSQL Data Bases
Jaun Lukas UNIBE - Explicit Mathematics, Type Theory and Univalent Foundations Prof. Dr. Gerhard Jäger
Jenni Simon UNIBE - Analysis and Design of Self-Supervised Learning Methods
Jin Meiguang UNIBE E-Mail computational photography
Karimzadeh Mostafa UNIBE E-Mail Mobile Users Location Prediction with Complex Behavior Understanding Prof. Torsten Braun
Kaskina Aigul UNIFR E-Mail Fuzzy Recommender System in e-Commerce Prof. Dr. sc. tech. ETH Andreas Meier
KELLNER Emmanuel UNIGE E-Mail Still open, but with hints of Data science, Citizen science, Environmental monitoring, possibly air quality Prof. Jean-Henry Morin
Khelifati Abdelouahab UNIFR E-Mail Provenance over data streams
Klikovits Stefan UNIGE E-Mail Automatic Test Case Generation for Prof. Didier Buchs
Kokkinis Ioannis UNIBE - Justification Logic
KOURAKOU GEORGIA UNIL E-Mail The impact of digitization on the management of administrative procedures : The case of building permits’ Olivier Glassey, IDHEAP, UNIL (
Chappelet Jean-Loup, IDHEAP, UNIL
KREJCI Désirée UNIL E-Mail Cross-boundary collaboration in innovation
Kulkarni Vaibhav UNIL E-Mail Privacy Aware Predictive Platform for Green Mobility Benoît Garbinato
Kundig Stéphane UNIGE E-Mail Wireless sensor networks ans mobile crowd sensing Prof. José Rolim
Künzli Pierre UNIGE E-Mail Multiscale scientific and parallel computing
Kurs Jan UNIBE E-Mail Agile Modeling 2016
Labadie Clément UNIL E-Mail Prof. Dr. Christine Legner
LEE Sangjin UNIFR E-Mail database-aware in storage computation
Lehmann Eveline UNIBE E-Mail Justification Logic Prof. Dr. Thomas Studer
LEHMANN Eveline UNIBE - Justification Logic Prof. Dr. T. Studer
Leuenberger Manuel UNIBE E-Mail Enabling API migration in complex systems Prof. Dr. Oscar Nierstrasz
Li Zan UNIBE E-Mail Indoor localization
Lienhard Kenny UNIL - Mobile Assistants for Knowledge-intensive Routines in Patient Care Christine Legner
LIMA Alisson UNIBE E-Mail Fog computing and Information-Centric Networking Prof. Torsten Braun 2023
Liu Heng UNIBE - Hexahedral meshing
López Bóbeda Edmundo UNIGE - Optimizations for the Sigma Decision Diagrams Prof. Didier Buchs
Lu Yao UNIFR - Programming middleware for wireless sensor network Professor Beat Hirsbrunner
Professor Pierre Kuonen
Luggen Michael UNIFR E-Mail Structured information in electronic mail Philippe Cudré-Mauroux
Bernhard Anrig
Lutov Artem UNIFR E-Mail Search Assistance, Personalized Categorization and Visual Exploration of Big Data Prof. Philippe Cudré-Mauroux
Maalouf Eliane UNINE E-Mail Kilian Stoffel
David Ginsbourger
Maergner Paul UNIFR E-Mail Graph-Based Signature Verification Andreas Fischer
Rolf Ingold Kaspar Riesen
MANCERA ANDRADE Jose alberto UNIFR E-Mail Automatic feature extraction to create flexible self-learning fuzzy recommender algorithms in the context of explainable systems Prof. Edy Portman
Dr. Luis Terán
Marandi Ali UNIBE E-Mail I am actually working, as a 1st year PhD student, on Network Coding (NC)-based Multimedia diffusion in Information Centric Networks (ICNs). Currently I am involved in implementing a different version of NC for ICNs. I expect to try some Machine Learning and Big Data algorithms in future, e.g. to design better interest forwarding strategies for ICNs. Prof. Torsten Braun
Marchanoff Jérôme UNIGE - geo-localized mobile computing and communications solutions for healthcare
Markonis Dimitrios UNIGE -
MARMIER Auriane UNIL E-Mail Open Data Professeur Tobias Mettler
Mavlyutov Ruslan UNIFR E-Mail Big data, scalable databases, scalable machine learning solutions Philippe Cudre-Mauroux
MEISHVILI Givi UNIBE - 3D Face Deblurring
MELO DOS SANTOS Hugo leonardo UNIBE E-Mail A Mobility-aware Framework for Vehicular Fog Computing
Mengjiqi Fisnik UNIBE E-Mail Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, big data.
Merino Leonel UNIBE - Towards Actionable Visualization for Software Development Prof. Dr. Oscar Nierstrasz
Merzouki Aziza UNIGE E-Mail Modeling and numerical simulation of biological tissue development Prof. Bastien Chopard
Mesfin Michael UNIGE E-Mail Les récits comme leviers de gouvernance, gestion du risque et conformité en matière de service. Jean-Henry Morin
Annik Dubied
METEIER Quentin UNIFR E-Mail Using psychophysiology for automated driving Marino Widmer
Jean-Pierre Bresciani
Métrailler Alexandre UNIL E-Mail
MICIC Jovana UNIBE E-Mail Cryptology and data security
MLADENOVIKJ Biljana UNIFR E-Mail Applying of soft comouthing methods in future banking Edy Portmann
Marcel Schlater
Mohamed Ben Belgacem UNIGE - distributed multiscale computation - fluid simulation (LBM method) Bastien Chopard
Nabil Abdennadher
MORARD Damien UNIGE E-Mail Formal verification for petri nets Professor Didier Buchs 2023
Morton April UNIGE - Domain: Machine Learning, Data Mining, and Visual Analytics as they apply to the Cultural Heritage field Potential Thesis Title: Cultural Knowledge Discovery via Effective Interactive Visualizations rof. Stéphane Marchand-Maillet
Munjin Dejan UNIGE - User Empowerment in the Internet of Things Professeur Jean-Henry Morin
Muñoz Cristina UNIGE - Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks Dr. Pierre Leone
MUSY Loïc UNIGE E-Mail Charge dissipation and ice formation on PbTiO3 Prof. Patrycja Paruch 2024
Muszynski Michal UNIGE E-Mail Emotional and aesthetic highlights detection in movies Prof. Thierry Pun
Dr. Guillaume Chanel
Naous Dana UNIL E-Mail Understanding User Preferences for Cloud Services Prof. Christine Legner
NATH Sukanya UNINE E-Mail Stylistic clustering Prof. Dr. Jacques Savoy 2022
NGUYEN Minh Tue UNIFR E-Mail Fuzzy Modeling in Customer Service
Nguyen Phong UNIGE - Algorithms for Semantic Meta-Mining Prof. Christian Pellegrini
Melanie Hilario, Alexandros Kalousis
Noroozi Mehdi UNIBE - Computer Vision - Machine Learning Paolo Favaro
OLIVEIRA RODRIGUES Diego UNIBE E-Mail Service Migration in Fog and Multi-Access Edge Computing Prof. Dr. Torsten Braun
Prof. Dr. Leandro Villas
Opprecht Wanda UNIGE - Initiatives à l'aide des services dans le cadre du pilotage des systèmes d'information. Michel Léonard
Osipyan Hasmik UNIGE - Large Scale Information Processing on GPU with CUDA Technology Stephane Marchand-Maillet
Ossey Aman Sabrina UNIGE E-Mail Information Systems Jean-Henry Morin
Ostapuk Natalia UNIFR E-Mail Managing big data Philippe Cudré-Mauroux
Ouvrard Xavier UNIGE E-Mail Improve visual perception and enhance human understanding of big data using graph/hypergraph-based visualisation Prof. Stéphane Marchand-Maillet
Michael Rockinger
3 years
Parhizkar Mohammad UNIGE E-Mail Dictyostelium discoideum as an Inspiration of Swarm Robotics Giovanna Di Marzo
Patkar Nitish UNIBE - Executable domain models
PENA-BELLO Alejandro UNIGE E-Mail Energy storage Martin K. Patel
David Parra
Percia David Dimitri UNIL E-Mail Cyber Security Investment in the Context of Disruptive Technologies: Reassessment of Gordon–Loeb Model and Application to Critical Infrastructure Protection Prof. Dr. Solange Ghernaouti early 2019
Pereira Pires Rafael UNINE E-Mail Privacy preserving computations in the cloud Pascal Felber
Marcelo Pasin
Perrone Daniele UNIBE E-Mail Image Motion Deblurring
PINCAY NIEVES Jhonny UNIFR E-Mail Graph-Based Recommender Systems for for Smart Participation. Dr. Edy Portmann
Dr. Luis Terán
PINCAY-NIEVES Jhonny UNIFR E-Mail Graph-based recommender systems for Smart Participation Dr. Edy Portmann
Dr. Luis Terán
Pondenkandath Vinaychandran UNIFR E-Mail Domain: Deep learning for analysis of historical documents. Prof. Rolf Ingold
Prof. Dr. Marcus Liwicki
Portenier Tiziano UNIBE - Sketch-based Image Synthesis
Racordon Dimitri UNIGE E-Mail Bridging the gap between software development and formal verification Didier Buchs
Rahimi Mahsa UNIFR E-Mail Cyber Security in crowd energy Prof. Teufel
Rani Pooja UNIBE - Speculative analysis in IDEs Oscar Nierstrasz
Oscar Nierstrasz
Ranzi Florian UNIBE - Domain: Proof theory; ordinal analysis; metapredicativity
RAVI SHANKAR Amudha UNIGE E-Mail Collective Intelligence in disaster response Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo
Jose Luis Fernandez Marquez
Razeghi Behrooz UNIGE E-Mail Information Theory, Machine Learning, Information Forensics, Privacy Slava Voloshynovskiy
Repetto Pierre UNIGE -
Rettig Laura UNIFR E-Mail Data integration for Smart Cities Prof. Philippe Cudré-Mauroux
Rezaeifar Shideh UNIGE E-Mail information-theoretic framework for physical object identification
ROCHA Isabelly UNINE E-Mail Energy efficiency; distributed systems
RODRIGUES Lucas UNIL E-Mail Persuasive Computer to support job-seekers
Rosebrock Timotej UNIBE - Explicit Mathematics Prof. Dr. Gerhard Jäger
Rosso Paolo UNIFR E-Mail Machine learning and crowdsourcing to build the next-generation of Recommender Systems Prof. Philippe Cudré-Mauroux
RYSER André UNIFR E-Mail In-network and near storage computation for database systems
SALIHI Arbër UNIGE E-Mail Abstracting Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT): A pattern-based approach Jean-henry Morin
Schaetti Nils UNINE E-Mail Texts categorisation on large corpus. Pr. Jacques Savoy 2020
SCHULER Timo UNIFR E-Mail Creating an intelligent system of learning & development help for professionals using computational intelligence, analogical reasoning and neuropsychology Edy Portmann 2023
Schwarz Johannes UNIL E-Mail Business Model Portfolio Management Prof. Christine Legner (HEC)
SERINELLI Benedetto marco UNIGE E-Mail Cyber-security in autonomous vehicle 2023
Seuret Mathias UNIFR E-Mail Domain: historical documents analysis. Prof. Rolf Ingold
SIEGFRIED Rémy EPFL E-Mail Modeling and Inferring Attention in Human-Robot Interaction Jean-Marc Odobez 2020
Smirnova Alisa UNIFR E-Mail Entities and relationships extraction Philippe Cudre-Mauroux
SRINIVAS Suraj UNIL E-Mail Transferring Knowledge between Neural Network Architectures Dr. Francois Fleuret 2021
Stamou Aikaterini UNIGE -
Stella Michelle UNIFR - Büchi automata Ulrich Ultes-Nitsche
Stepanovic Stefan UNIL E-Mail Physiolytics at the workplace Prof. Tobias Mettler
SUN Ke UNIGE - Machine Learning, Information Geometry Stéphane Marchand-Maillet 2015
Szabó Attila UNIBE -
Tagasovska Natasa UNIL E-Mail Big Data and Analytics
Taghizadeh Elham UNIBE E-Mail Statistical shape modeling
Tardy Camille UNIGE E-Mail
Tchao Akla-Esso UNIGE -
Thoma Matthias UNIBE - Wireless Networks and Enterprise IT Torsten Braun
TISSOT Laurent UNIL - Thesis in Information Systems Thibault Estier
Tonoyan Tigran UNIGE -
Trubert Benjamin UNIL - Human and Social Aspects of Privacy
Tscherrig Julien UNIFR E-Mail Situational Web Synthesis Philippe Cudre-Mauroux, Elena Mugellini & Omar Abou Khaled
Tuor Raphaël UNIFR E-Mail Human comfort Prof. Denis Lalanne
TYLER James UNIL E-Mail Persuasive Technology (Informatique)
Tymchuk Yuriy UNIBE - Monitoring software quality Prof. Dr. Oscar Nierstrasz
Ullmann Denis UNIGE E-Mail Machine learning based image processing for astronomical data analysis Svyatoslav Voloshynovskyy
Vanhulst Pierre UNIFR E-Mail Collaborative visualization of self-directed data
Pr. Dr. Denis Lalanne
Vaucher Sébastien UNINE E-Mail Trusted computations in untrusted clouds Prof. Pascal Felber
Villalobos Gabriela UNIL E-Mail Human Computer Interaction and Persuasive Computing
Vishnyakova Dina UNIGE - NLP, biomedical literature curation, text mining, data mining Bastien Chopard
Patrick Ruch
Wade Assane UNIGE - Business Process and Social Networking Pr Giovanna Di Marzo
Dr Mehdi Snene
WÄLCHLI Adrian UNIBE E-Mail Deep Learning for Structure from Motion Prof. Dr. Paolo Favaro
WANG Chen UNIGE E-Mail Affective Computing Thierry Pun; Guillaume Chanel
Wang Haozhou UNIGE E-Mail Nature Language Processing Paola Merlo
Wang Jun UNIGE - machine learning
Wang Xiaochen UNIBE - Computer Vision Paolo Favaro
Wanner Bastien UNIL E-Mail tbd Prof. Solange Ghernaouti 2020
Wehrle Marcel UNIFR E-Mail Fuzzy Web Monitoring Prof. Dr. Andreas Meier
Weiss Jordi UNIL E-Mail Heuristics and Biases in Strategic Managerial Decision Making Suzanne de Treville
Würsch Marcel UNIFR E-Mail Tools and Algorithms for Document Analysis Prof. Rolf Ingold
YUHALA Peterson UNINE E-Mail Security and Non-volatile byte-addressable memory Pascal Felber
Alain Tchana, Valerio Schiavoni
ZANOLINI Luca UNIBE E-Mail Cryptology and data security. Christian Cachin
Zayene Oussama UNIFR - text detection and recognition in arabic news video Rolf Ingold
Najoua Essoukri ben Amara, Jean Hennebert
ZHONG Sailin UNIFR E-Mail Human-Centered AI for Built Environments Prof Denis Lalanne 2023
Zufferey Damien UNIFR E-Mail Multi-Label Learning Applied to Medical Data Prof. Rolf Ingold
Dr. Jean Hennebert
ZUFFEREY Noé UNIL E-Mail Privacy Protection for Lifestyle-Tracking Devices and Applications Kevin Huguenin
Mathias Humbert