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Design Science Research in Information Systems


18-19 octobre 2022


Christine Legner, Professeur en Systèmes d'Information, Faculté des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC), Université de Lausanne Adrian Holzer, Professeur, Institut du management de l'information. Université de Neuchâtel


Enseignant externe: Stefan Morana, Professeur, Universität des Saarlandes (Allemagne) Enseignants de Suisse romande: Prof. Christine Legner, UNIL Prof. Adrian Holzer, UNINE Prof. Stéphanie Missonier, UNIL


The course intends to introduce PhD students to the field of Design Science Research in IS. It will provide insights into multiple perspectives of DSR, e.g., the theoretical foundation of DSR, the different contributions of DSR as well as methodologies and activities to conduct DSR. With this knowledge, students will be enabled to assess the rigor and relevance of DSR in general, but also be prepared to plan and execute their own DSR projects successfully. Learning Objectives • Understand DSR as a research paradigm and its positioning in the IS field • Explore different types of knowledge and contributions delivered by DSR • Understand generic and specific DSR processes • Setup a small DSR project in a team effort and get hands-on method know-how in the major DSR activities of problem analysis, artifact creation and evaluation • Know selected templates & tools that can support executing DSR projects • Learn best practices for publishing DSR The course will be complemented with group exercises. Specifically, the goal of the exercises is to analyze the problem, deliver a solution, and propose an evaluation concept for the UN Sustainable Development Goal 12 ( of reponsible consumption and production. Specifically, we will focus on designing an artefact to support individuals in reducing food waste on the consumer side. Evaluation: • Pre-assignment (read 6-8 papers, prepare 1 page summary) • Three group deliverables during the course (randomly assigned teams) • Post-assignment (transfer learnings to own research project)


Université de Lausanne



Deadline for registration 18.10.2022
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