Please note that this document is only provided for convenience. In case of discrepancy with the reference, the reference shall prevail.

Who is eligible for reimbursement?

PhD students and researchers from CUSO institutions, teachers and people organizing the activities can ask for reimbursement.
Participation to the activities is generally free for all the people belonging to institutions affiliated with CUSO.


  • If you intend to organize an activity for the computer science doctoral program, you should be informed of the rules of the CUSO concerning reimbursement before the beginning of the activity. If you have any doubts, please contact the coordinator of the doctoral program or the CUSO general secretary's office (see below).

  • The person in charge of an activity is responsible for collecting signatures from the participants and sending this "list of participants", including their names, department, university, and status (PhD student, professor, etc.) to the coordinator of the doctoral program (see below). This is a prerequisite to allow the participating people to ask for reimbursement.

  • The amounts for the reimbursements given below should be considered as maximum amounts. When possible people should try to reduce these costs, so that the funds granted by CUSO can be used for organizing as many activities as possible.

Which kind of expenses are reimbursed?

There are three main categories of expenses:

1. Staff/management expenses, which include remuneration, transportation, meals and accommodation costs for the teachers/speakers/organizers, the scientific staff collaborators, as well as the administrative/technical staff responsible for the organization of the activities.

For more details please see the complete reference or contact the coordinator of the doctoral program (informatique(at)cuso(dot)ch)

2. Participation expenses, which refers to the traveling, meals and accommodation expenses of the participants attending an activity organized by the doctoral program. Those having an AG ticket can also ask for reimbursement.

  • Transportation:
    No matter how you travel (train, car,...), you will always be reimbursed for the equivalent cost of the half-fare train tickets (2nd class) from your University to the place of the activity.
    Bus/Metro tickets to commute from the railway station to the place of the activity are also reimbursed. Taxi fares or parking fees are not reimbursed.
  • Accommodation and meals:
    Hotel (1 night + breakfast): up to 100 CHF per day, per person.
    Meals: 25 CHF per meal, up to 2 meals per day, per person
    For activities lasting only 1 day (or lasting several non-consecutive days), only 1 meal per day will be reimbursed.
    For activities that take place out of town, with common hosting of teachers/speakers and participants: up to 200 CHF/day/person including all accommodation and meals, regardless of their status (professor, student).


3. Operating expenses, cover primarily the material of consumption, other than any durable equipment. Subsidies of publication can be considered in the operating expenses, but they should not be included in the budget of a particular activity and they require a justified separated request.

The restrictions of the CUSO will have to be respected and any expense going beyond the budget will be charged to the participant.

For more details please see the complete reference or contact the coordinator of the doctoral program (informatique(at)cuso(dot)ch


How to get reimbursed?

Reimbursement forms can be downloaded from:

You should fill, print, sign and send the form to the coordinator of the program:

Reimbursement follow strict guidelines: 

  • Only ORIGINAL invoices and forms are accepted (no copies or scans).
  • All reimbursement are made in Swiss Francs (CHF)
  • Reimbursements are first validated by the director or the coordinator of the doctoral program before being submitted to the CUSO for reimbursement.
  • Invoices should mention the "CUSO" in their label. For instance, "Catering for the CUSO Winter School".