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Artificial Intelligence for Philanthropy: Develop, Learn and Share


19-02-2024 - 01-03-2024


Pr Giuseppe Ugazio, Dr. Lucía Gómez Teijeiro UNIGE


UNIGE Dr. Lucía Gómez Teijeiro, UNIGE Pr Giuseppe Ugazio, UNIGE BSc. Nisa Thomas



In recent years, AI has ignited transformative advancements across various sectors and shaping our everyday life. However, many sectors are still lagging behind in the adoption of AI technologies, with philanthropy being among the least prepared. In this course we offer the opportunity to students to develop innovative strategies leading to the advancement of AI knowledge and usage among philanthropic organizations. To this end students will focus on one of two main tracks: development of AI learning resources that will ultimately be jointly web-hosted and openly accessible by all; or (2) develop AI-assistants, accompanied by step-by-step user guides accessible also to non-experts, offering solutions for real case problems in the realm of philanthropy. This second track is ideal for students with advanced computational skills. Concretely this course will unfold over a three-week period and entail an intensive workshop experience culminating in a hackathon (DATE tbd). This course will put first students' creativity and independence in the creation and design of solutions of either track. Students will be working in groups and are expected to provide constructive criticisms to other groups through peer review of projects. Groups will be guided in their activities by the main instructor, Dr. Lucia Gomez, and other experts in the field of philanthropy and/or AI both from the University of Geneva and other academic institutions. This course constitutes a unique opportunity to learn AI for Good, contribute towards its democratic spread and network with international experts at the intersection of AI and philanthropy





Deadline for registration 16.02.2024
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