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DIONASYS - Declarative and Interoperable Overlay Networks, Applications to Systems to Systems

Director of thesis Etienne Rivière Maître-Assistant in the Computer Science department
Co-director of thesis
Summary of thesis

The work of the PhD student will mostly revolve around the design and implementation of the support and run-time layers of the DIONASYS platform and the algorithmic aspects of the creation and maintenance of overlays. The candidate will investigate and propose techniques to automatically bootstrap overlays based on code generated from a domain-specific language developed in the project. She or he will propose and implement mechanisms for cross-overlay interoperability and for taking into account node heterogeneity. Finally, she or he will have a fundamental role in the development and deployment of the prototype implementation and its evaluation. The algorithmic techniques envisioned are gossip-based protocols, self-repairing overlays, and peer-to-peer networks in general. The development of the ru-ntime will be based on the Splay tool-set developed at the university of Neuchâtel. Most of the development will be done using high-level languages.

Status on-going
Administrative delay for the defence
LinkedIn https://fr.linkedin.com/pub/raziel-carvajal-g%C3%B3mez/58/83b/45a