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Access to organizational knowledge : ontologies’ network based approach

Author Oumaima AJMI
Director of thesis Gilles falquet
Co-director of thesis
Summary of thesis

The widespread use of computer technology has led organizations to store their data and knowledge in databases, documents, forms, spreadsheets ... What led to constitute an increasingly vast set of heterogeneous resources. Consequently, it has become increasingly difficult and humanly unfeasible to have a global vision of what the organization "knows". Our approach focuses on the explicit knowledge and employs semantic web technologies to address the problem of heterogeneity of resources, it aims to build a knowledge map as a network of ontologies connected to the organization's resources . We study the case of GSEM in order to validate our approach.

Status finished
Administrative delay for the defence Aug-2018
URL http://www.unige.ch/gsem/fr/recherche/projets-de-recherche-et-de-these/doctorant
LinkedIn https://tn.linkedin.com/in/oumaima-ajmi-713b1276