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Data Distribution and Exploitation in a Global Microservice Artefact Observatory

Author Panagiotis GKIKOPOULOS
Director of thesis Valerio Schiavoni
Co-director of thesis Peter Kropf
Summary of thesis

Microservices are a prominent architectural pattern in cloud computing. Due to their highly modular nature, the distribution of microservice related software artefacts is also on the rise, with marketplaces centered around microservices gaining popularity rapidly. With examples such as Docker, Helm and AWS Lambda under the microscope, we are investigating these software artefacts and the marketplaces that distribute them. We are interested in development trends, quality metrics, performance and security issues with the goal of ultimately contributing to a higher quality standard in microservice-based applications. Drawing inspiration from global observatories in astronomy, we also aim to contribute a distributed framework for collaborative research on the topic, functioning as a microservice artefact observatory.

Status beginning
Administrative delay for the defence 2023