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Visualization of Migration Flows and their Changes Over Time

Author Ilya BOYANDIN
Director of thesis Denis Lalanne
Co-director of thesis Enrico Bertini, Univeristy of Konstanz
Summary of thesis

Numerous datasets representing entities moving between geographical locations are being produced nowadays, e.g. flows of people, animals, money, material, or network traffic between pairs of location. Many of these datasets are collected in the form of origin-destination data (or "spatial interactions"), meaning that only the origins and the destinations of the flows and the flow magnitudes are known, but not the exact movement routes. The analysis of geographical movement data is particularly important, since “much change in the world is due to geographical movement”. However, the full potential of such data remains largely unreleased, because tools and techniques which support their exploration, and especially, the analysis of the changes over time, still have to be developed. Making a visualization tool which can support the analysis of temporal origin-destination data is the main focus of our work.

Status middle
Administrative delay for the defence
URL http://diuf.unifr.ch/main/diva/home/people/ilya-boyandin