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Digital Choice Architecture: selected studies on technology-mediated nudging

Author Kristoffer BERGRAM
Director of thesis Prof. Dr. Adrian Holzer
Co-director of thesis Prof. Dr. Valéry Bezençon
Summary of thesis

When compiled to machine-executable form - software controls the actions of a computer. As computing devices become more pervasive, software also influences the actions of the user of that computing device. Today, decisions of all kinds are made on screens using a UI. The focal point of this research concerns software with UI features that influences or nudges users' choices and behaviors. Previous scholars have pointed out that a clarification of the theoretical mechanisms that govern digital nudging is needed, as is the development of evidence-based design recommendations to guide research on persuasive technologies. The aim of the proposed thesis is to contribute valid and reliable knowledge to HCI by designing innovative artifacts for solving problems related to UI design. This research is also intended to develop a more detailed understanding of what psychological effects that are provoked in users when specific digital nudges are employed in various UIs.

Status middle
Administrative delay for the defence 2023