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Predicting ocular exposure to natural and artificial light with numerical simulations

Author Michele MARRO
Director of thesis Laurent Moccozet
Co-director of thesis David Vernez (Unil)
Summary of thesis

Ocular diseases are triggered by exposure to solar ultraviolet radiation and visible blue light. Evidence

shows strong correlation between ultraviolet radiation exposure and skin and eye diseases, however

their dose-response relationships remain poorly elucidated. One obstacle to the dose-response

approach is that the dose to the target tissue is difficult to assess, due to the variety of possible

exposure sources and exposure conditions. Combining 3D computer graphics techniques

and methods with data available in the eye physiology literature we are able to develop a numerical model to

assess the exposure of the eye surface (cornea) and the inside of the eye to sunlight and artificial light

(e.g. blue light). Our approach lies in the coupling of a model of exposure of the eye to different light

sources, natural or artificial with an internal model of the eye simulating the interactions of

wavelengths with the different tissues that make up the eye.

Status middle
Administrative delay for the defence 2023
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/michele-marro-9a747b179/