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Augmentation and Accessibility


22 février 2019


Prof. Denis Lalanne, Dre Agnes Lisowska Masson, UNIFR


Prof. Albrecht Schmidt, Université de Stuttgart


In the lecture we will discuss how digital technologies can enhance human capabilities. In human evolution tools for the mind and aids for perception have played a key role. The ability to read and write has completely transformed our ability to remember. Reading glasses, microscopes, and binoculars are examples that have chance what humans can visually perceive. With current technologies in physiological sensing (e.g. EEG, EMG, gaze) and rich interfaces for presentation (e.g. augmented reality, virtual reality, large screen displays) digital building blocks for augmenting and amplifying the human mind and perception have become available. The challenge is, how to create these new assistive and enhancing technologies in a way that they are easy to use and in the best case become a part of ourselves.

In the lecture we will look at the current technologies for interfacing to the human. On the input side we give an overview of how physiological sensing can be used to create more natural interfaces. On the output side we look in particular at new opportunities that arise from augmented reality in different contexts and using different modalities. With advances in artificial intelligence and automation many of these novel system will exhibit autonomous, adding complexity to the interface design. We highlight the importance of explorative and experimental work in this space in order to experience the new capabilities. In the lecture we include a discussion of how such novel assistive technologies related to the tradition notion of accessibility.

The lecture will include presentations, discussion of reading materials, and hand-on exercises.

Location: Room F130, University of Fribourg, Blvd de Pérolles 90, Fribourg, Switzerland


Time : from 9am to 5pm


from 9am to 5pm





Deadline for registration 22.02.2019
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