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Qualitative Research Methods in Information Systems


25th and 26th March 2019


Prof. Stéphanie Missonier, Professeur en Systèmes d'Information, Faculté des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC), Université de Lausanne


Prof. Aurélie DUDEZERT, l'Université Paris Sud Prof. Nathalie MITEV, King's College London University

Prof. Nathalie MITEV, Senior Visiting Fellow King's College London University, England


The course will introduce students to concepts and techniques associated with designing and conducting qualitative character. It focuses on issues of research design, data collection, data analysis and interpretation methods in the field of Information Systems. In order to illustrate research design and methodological choices in qualitative research, selected publications from top IS journals will be analyzed and discussed.

Part I: Research design and process
The course will start with discussing the research design and process of qualitative empirical studies. Surveys, interviews, single and multiple case study research and action research designs are considered in the course and the advantages and limitations of these alternative designs are examined. Furthermore ethnography and nethnography are considered as an alternative option of research design due to its holistic, intensive and longitudinal participation in the institutional settings within which it takes place.

Part II : Data collection, analysis and interpretation
The course primarily focuses on data collection, data analysis and interpretation methods in the field of Information Systems. Observations, interview methods and techniques, archival, documentary and digital data, are considered and issues of validity, reliability, cross-checking and triangulation of data obtained through different data collection techniques are examined. Furthermore, the coding of qualitative data and the use of software for qualitative data analysis will be discussed and illustrated.

Part III: Examples
Finally, participants will analyze and discuss the research design and methodological choices for selected publications in top IS journals.


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Deadline for registration 24.03.2019
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