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List of registered

Interacting With Perceptual Computers

# Lastname Firstname E-Mail University Doctoral Program Status
1 Berrocal Allan allan.berrocal(at)etu.unige(dot)ch UNIGE info doc
2 Colombo Moreno moreno.colombo(at)unifr(dot)ch UNIFR info doc
3 Hillah Nico nico.hillah(at)unil(dot)ch UNIL info doc
4 Meza Jaime jaime.meza(at)unifr(dot)ch UNIFR -- [hors] -- post-doc
5 Ouvrard Xavier Xavier.Ouvrard(at)etu.unige(dot)ch UNIGE info doc
6 Rani Pooja pooja(at)inf.unibe(dot)ch UNIBE info doc