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Insight into Fuzzy Modeling


19th and 20th December 2018


Edy Portmann, Professeur, Human-IST Institute, Faculté des sciences et médecine, Université de Fribourg


Vilém Novák, Professor and Director, Institute for Research and Applications of Fuzzy Modeling, University of Ostrava, Czech Republic Irina Perfiljeva, Professor, Senior Scientist and Head of the Department of Theoretical Research, Institute for Research and Applications of Fuzzy Modeling, University of Ostrava, Czech Republic


The seminar is devoted to reflecting on the importance of efficient representation of incomplete and imprecise information, coming from the difficulty – or impossibility in many cases – of obtaining full knowledge of systems. Moreover, the size of information obtained when gaining full knowledge of a system being extremely big, it cannot generally be understood by humans, and needs thus to be simplified and fuzzified. It will be shown that when the complexity of a system increases, our ability of describing it in a precise way diminishes. At some point there will be a trade-off between precision and relevance, so for complex systems a fuzzy description contains more relevant information about it than a crisp, full, detailed description of it, making it more effective for the understanding of the system. The theory of fuzzy modeling that is presented in the seminar as a solution for gaining insight in complex systems consists in mathematical methods allowing the modelisation of systems based on their relevant information expressed through natural language, fuzzy formal logic, fuzzy approximation and fuzzy relations. In a second part of the seminar, practical applications of fuzzy modelling and of the fuzzy transform (F-transform) on control and decision-making, image processing and time series analysis and forecasting are presented, showing possible real-world use cases of the presented theory


Université de Fribourg



Deadline for registration 19.12.2018
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