List of members

66 records
Lastname Firstname Social University E-Mail Titel of thesis Director of thesis Defence year
Akasereh Mitra UNINE E-Mail Multilingual and Domain-Specific Information Retrieval Prof. Jacques Savoy
Albershne Abdaladhem UNIFR E-Mail A Template-Based Semi-Automatic Web Services Composition Framework Prof. Jacques Pasquier
Antonioni Alberto UNIL E-Mail Evolutionary Game Theory on Complex Networks
Ataee Shabnam UNIL E-Mail An Architecture for Scalable and Reliable Multimedia Streaming Prof. Benoît Garbinato
Bonazzi Riccardo UNIL -
Boyandin Ilya UNIFR E-Mail Visualization of Migration Flows and their Changes Over Time Denis Lalanne
Enrico Bertini, Univeristy of Konstanz
Buesser Pierre UNIL - Marco Tomassini
Cocco Christelle UNIL - Typologies textuelles et partitions musicales : dissimilarités, classification et autocorrélation. Professeur François Bavaud
Daolio Fabio UNIL E-Mail Local Optima Networks of Hard Combinatorial Fitness Landscapes Marco Tomassini
de Ribaupierre Hélène UNIGE E-Mail Gilles Falquet 2014
Dimitrova Desislava UNIBE E-Mail Localisation with wireless systems
Do Huyen UNIGE E-Mail Machine Learning Alexandros Kalousis
Melanie Hilario
Donatsch Daniel UNIBE E-Mail
Estrada Galinanes Veronica UNINE E-Mail Data entanglement codes for high reliable storage systems Pascal Felber 2017
Evangelatos Orestis UNIGE - ~Wireless Sensor Networks Jose Rolim 2015
Foncubierta Rodríguez Antonio UNIGE E-Mail 2014
Fritscher Boris UNIL - Computer Aided Business Model Design Yves Pigneur 2014
Giessmann Andrea UNIL E-Mail Designing Business Models for Platform as a Service Prof. Dr. Christine Legner
Haki Kazem UNIL - Enterprise Architecture Management Design:Towards Developing Design Principles and Assessment Metrics Prof.Christine Legner
Hayduk Yaroslav UNINE - Energy efficient computing through message passing Dr. Pascal Felber
Dr. Anita Sobe
Hirsbrunner Beat UNIFR E-Mail
Hurni Thomas UNIBE E-Mail
Knaus Claude UNIBE E-Mail Computer Graphics
Krause Mathilde UNIL E-Mail Information Systems Prof. Yves Pigneur
Kummer Olena UNINE - Feature Selection in Sentiment and Opinion Classification Prof. Jacques Savoy
Kurpicz Mascha UNINE - Energy efficient clouds Prof. Pascal Felber
Dr. Anita Sobe
Lazarevic Nevena UNIBE E-Mail Software reengineering Prof. Dr. Oscar Nierstrasz
Legrain Antoine UNIFR E-Mail Online stochastic optimization of patient scheduling Marino Widmer
Liao Hao UNIFR - Statistical mechanics of information propagation and selection
Lungu Mircea UNIBE E-Mail
Maldonado Walther UNINE -
Mansour Dima UNIBE E-Mail Mobile Cloud
Maréchal Alexis UNIGE - Prof. Didier Buchs
Mermoud Alain UNIL E-Mail Incentives for Human Agents to Share Security Information: a Model and an Empirical Test Prof Kévin Huguenin
PD Dr Marcus Matthias Keupp
Meyer Sonja UNIFR - IoT-aware Business Process Modelling Prof. Jacques Pasquier
Mohamed Hisham UNIGE - Distributed large scale data indexing and retrieval. Prof. Stéphane Marchand-Maillet
Monakhov Alexey UNINE E-Mail ---
Moro Arielle UNINE E-Mail Distributed systems / Mobility prediction / Location privacy Benoît Garbinato
Naji Nada UNINE E-Mail Information retrieval of digitized historical manuscripts Prof. Dr. Jacques Savoy
Ochoa Camila UNIL E-Mail Capacity adequacy in international electricity markets Ann van Ackere
Onica Emanuel UNINE E-Mail Techniques for efficient support of con fidentiality-aware publish/subscribe systems
Osman Haidar UNIBE E-Mail Prof. Oscar Nierstrasz 2017
Osorio Sebastian UNIL - Security of supply in the Swiss electricity market Ann van Ackere
Papadhimitri Thoma UNIBE E-Mail New Perspectives on Uncalibrated Photometric Stereo
Parent Christine UNIL -
Peng Fei UNIFR E-Mail Ant-inspired Overlay Management -- Constructing and Optimising Multiple P2P Topologies in Pervasive Environments Using ACO-inspired Methods Béat Hirsbrunner
Michèle Courant, Apostolos Malatras
Ridi Antonio UNIFR E-Mail Signal treatment and modelisation in the field on energy efficiency
Ringeval Fabien UNIFR E-Mail
Rosselet Ulysse UNIL E-Mail Crowdsourcing and contribution Maia Wentland
Rousselle Fabrice UNIBE E-Mail Robust Adaptive Rendering Matthias Zwicker
Ruppen Andreas UNIFR E-Mail Web of Things Prof. Jacques Pasquier
Samarasinghe Kasun UNIGE - Virtual Localization and Geographic Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks Dr Pierre Leone
Prof Jose Rolim
Schwaller Matthias UNIFR E-Mail Denis Lalanne
Sellent Anita UNIBE E-Mail
Slimane Fouad UNIFR E-Mail Arabic recognition text on ultra low resolution Rolf Ingold
Jean Hennebert
Sokhn Nayla UNIFR E-Mail
Turber Stefanie UNIBE E-Mail Business Models in the Age of Pervasive Digitization Prof Oliver Gassmann
Prof Elgar Fleisch
Valerio José UNINE - Distributed computing and storage Pascal Felber
Vogt Joël UNIFR E-Mail A Model-based Approach for the Creation of Assistive Applications for People with Mild Dementia Prof. Dr. Andreas Meier
Prof. Dr. Marino Widmer Prof. Dr. Kris Luyten
Wei Hao UNIFR E-Mail Image processing and machine learning
Werner Johannes UNIBE E-Mail Domain: Privacy Logic
Wernli Erwann UNIBE E-Mail Run-time Variability with First-class Contexts Prof. O. Nierstrasz 2013
Wylot Marcin UNIFR E-Mail
Zhao Zhongliang UNIBE E-Mail Routing in mobile ad-hoc networks.
Zumbrunnen Rico UNIBE E-Mail Operational set theory